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Friday, September 04 2015

Yesterday, as I checked the closeout figures for Campaign 18 for my team, we had sold $249,979! Just $21 shy of a quarter of a million dollars. So, when I submitted my order yesterday, we went over that! I am so very proud of my team, I have such an awesome group of people working with me. I am well blessed!

My Advertising Went Live Today!

Tuesday, September 01 2015

I am so excited! It's the first day of a brand new month, and the day my digital advertising has gone live! This is a new experience for me, and I am hoping that it will prove successful for my team leaders and myself.

There are 5 locations in Greenville area that you can see them on the electronic rotation:

Little Pigs Barbecue on Mills Avenue;

Pleasantburg Barber Shop on Laurens Rd;

Friar's Tavern on Woodruff Rd;

Bangkok Thai Restaurant on Pelham Rd,


The Original Olive Tree Pizza and Grill on West Butler Rd.

If you are a patron of any of those places, and see my ad, please let me know! I'd love to get your feedback

This is also the first month for my new teenage helpers, and I am excited for them as well as myself, as we begin selling for Campaign 20. I made them up neat bags with samples and goodies so that they have plenty to be starting their "helper" careers with. I want it to be fun for them and profitable for all of us.

Have a lovely evening my friends and thank you for stopping by!